Posted on Aug 9th, 2017

UPDATE 1/4/19 
Next week there will be a lot of activity as the signals are activated and median work is completed. This will cause SIGNIFICANT changes in traffic patterns throughout the week. 
Signals are intended to be operational Wednesday Jan 9th.
You may have noticed several new signs installed - that is a temporary detour for the trucks as they complete the median work across the intersection of Kings Farm and Lenox Forest Drive and Robious Road. These signs will be removed once the signal is activated next week. WEATHER PERMITTING.
If you recall, as part of the widening project and our campaign for a signal to be installed as well as the intended safety objectives, the left turns out of Kings Farm and Lenox Forest Drive will be eliminated. Cars wishing to turn left at those entrances will need to proceed to the signal at the main entrances. As a reminder, the reasoning for this was that there needed to be a two way intersection at Stone Harbor. VDOT cannot have a 4 way and a two way intersection in close proximity to each other when a road is expanded to 4 lanes, therefore a median will be installed across our intersection only allowing right turns from those entrances.
Starting this week Chesterfield County will begin the construction process on the North Side of Robious. This will entail varying changing traffic patterns while this is completed. Guttering, sidewalk installation and drainage culvert installation will be part of that construction. PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN ENTERING AND EXISTING THE NEIGHBORHOOD. IF you have specific concerns you would like to report please  and contact the safety manager. His contact information is located below
UPDATE 6/7/18: Chesterfield Portion: The footprint for the road widening was larger than expected and has caused us to lose more trees than originally anticipated. Branscome Inc was awarded the construction contract and is on schedule to finish in November of 2018. We have been in contact with County regarding some of the concerns posed and the county does have a full time inspector with RK&K while the contractor is working - If you have specific concerns especially around safety please contact him - Daniel Fago cell number 804-393-0783 - PLease also use the links below to visit the County website for updates
UPDATE 8/9/17: Chesterfield Portion:.  Dominion intends to begin tree clearing and set-up work on Monday, August 14th.  Their full scope of work will take several months to complete, but in the near-term, they will need to close some of the sidewalks in the area.  We have asked them to post "Sidewalk Closed" signage so that everyone is aware, but please prepare to  make alternative plans.
Also, there are four ornamental trees just west of Kings Farm that they intend to remove.  The trees are in the existing right of way and will come out with the road project.  The trees are in the way of Dominion’s access to the work area.
UPDATE 3/21/17:  VDOT Portion:  Construction to begin this week on the  portion of the widening from 288,  over the Benards Creek Bridge and terminating at Winterfield road.  This project will last through Spring of 2018.  In Spring of 2018 Chesterfield County will begin their portion of the widening construction from Winterfield road to the intersection of Riverdowns North and South. Copy of the VDOT plan can be found here.  Copy of the revised Chesterfield plan can be found here.
UPDATE 2/27/17:  Chesterfield County portion:  The County has notified us that our concerns with the intersection of  Robous and RiverDowns North and South have been addressed.  REVISED preliminary plans have been posted on the County project page (a link can be found at the top of our website under "useful links" or click here.  This new plan includes a signal with cross walk at the intersection of Robious and RiverDowns North and South.  These plans remain preliminary and could change  but we are pleased to hear that the new current plans include a signal and crosswalk.
UPDATE 1/29/17:  VDOT portion of road widening project schedule has been released. This is the portion from 288 east on Robious up to Winterfield road including the Bernards Creek bridge. VDOT is currently in the awards phase of the contract bidding.  The project remains on schedule for an April 2017 construction start date and a June 2019 end date. We will provide more information regarding traffic patterns changes etc as they are made available. 
UPDATE 11/8/16:  County website updated with widening design information. click here
UPDATE 11/2/16:  
Letter to Board of supervisors  regarding traffid signal request will be given to representative Haley tonight - it can be found on the website under residents dropdown - documents - Robious widening
UPDATE 10/26/16:
REMINDER  Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for 11/2 at 5 PM at James River High School Cafeteria - Please attend!
UPDATE 9/30/16:
A citizens information meeting has been scheduled for November 2, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at James River High School cafeteria.  We encourage all residents to attend to ask questions and express concerns. The official notice can be found here.
UPDATE 8/18/16:
Chesterfield has released their preliminary plans for the portion that most greatly affects our neighborhood. You may access those plans by clicking here.   These plans are for the Chesterfield portion of the project that will tie into the VDOT/Powhatan portion.  An informational meeting will be held in the near future. We will keep you posted. Please make sure to visit the useful links/ utilities section of this website (link at top of page) to access the Chesterfield project page as well as the VDOT portion project page. 
UPDATE 7/12/16:
The first project is sponsored by VDOT.  This entails widening Robious Road to two lanes  from the 288 interchange up to Derby Ridge (Brookstone). This project will also entail replacing the bridge over Bernards Creek and the project would add bike lanes on both sides of Route 711 and a sidewalk on the south side. VDOT has indicated the project is on track to have  November 2016 advertisement, estimate April 2017 start date, and June 2019 completion date. The HOA will remain engaged and provide further details as we recive them. 
The second project is sponsored by Chesterfield County.  This entails completion of the previous 2 lane widening project on both sides from James River road to Derby Ridge and tie in with the VDOT project.  According to the County, they will be holding a Citzen information meeting later this summer. The HOA will remain engaged and provide further details as we recive them.
We have concern regarding the two projects as they will impact travel and access to our neighborhood. Most concerning is the coordination of the two independent projects as to not create an hourglass bottleneck in front of our community. 
We will provide updates as we recieve them